3 Unusual Signs You Might Be Approaching Menopause

Irregular periods and hot flashes are two of the biggest signs for women that menopause is on its way. The hormonal changes involved with menopause are so subtle, though, that women may overlook less obvious symptoms that can show up sooner than missed periods and inopportune warm flushes. If you're uncertain about whether or not you're in perimenopause, some of these more unusual symptoms may be something that you can use as a guideline.

How To Spot The Signs Of True Labor

Pregnancy is a time full of wonder and excitement. Each stretch mark, every minute of morning sickness, and each ache and pain are worth it for the chance to produce a healthy baby. For first time moms, there are often many questions that come up during the nine long months they are pregnant. One of those questions is usually, "Is this true labor or my body playing tricks on me again?