These Period Symptoms Indicate That You Need A Pelvic Exam

As they grow up, girls are often told that every woman's period is different. Some girls experience more pain and discomfort with their periods than others. Some experience heavier bleeding than others.

These statements are true, but sometimes they have the unintentional effect of leading women to believe that whatever symptoms they experience during their periods are normal and nothing to worry about. This can lead to medical problems being overlooked for years simply because women do not realize their period symptoms are worth mentioning to their OBGYN. So, with that in mind, take a look at these period symptoms that are not normal, and that in fact indicate that you should see your doctor for a pelvic exam.

Severe Cramps

Some cramping during a period is not necessarily a cause for concern. The uterus contracts during menstruation, and this can cause minor cramping. What is not normal, though, is to have cramps that are so bad they make you unable to work, focus, or go through your daily life. If you can't get out of bed, and if a dose of ibuprofen does not erase the cramping, then you should have a pelvic exam to see what might be amiss. Serious cramping can be an indicator of uterine fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, or any number of other problems.

Very Heavy Bleeding

Some women do naturally have heavier periods than others. However, if you are bleeding through a pad or a tampon in less than an hour or two, your bleeding is outside of the normal range. Not only can heavy bleeding be a pain to deal with, but it can lead to anemia and fatigue. It is often caused by a hormone imbalance or fibroids, both of which are very treatable conditions.


It's fairly normal to feel a little more tired than usual during your period. Hitting the snooze button an extra time or skipping a workout isn't too concerning. But if you would describe your tiredness as exhaustion or downright fatigue, then it's likely outside the range of what's normal. You should not be calling into work because you're too exhausted to get up. You should not be spending the entire week on the couch or having to take breaks while doing simple tasks. Exhaustion can indicate anemia, a hormonal imbalance, or even uterine cancer, so you should absolutely tell your OBGYN about it. They will likely want to conduct a pelvic exam and s blood test in this case.

Every woman's period is different, but if yours is more than a minor annoyance, there could be a medical reason for your suffering. Don't go on suffering in silence; schedule a pelvic exam with your local office, like those at Naples Ob-Gyn and other locations.