What Severe Bleeding Could Mean And What You Should Do

Heavy bleeding during your period can be difficult to have to deal with. If you have always bled heavily, it may not seem like a big deal, but definitely something you should have checked out. If you have never bled heavily, and suddenly started bleeding heavily, it's something to be concerned about. Heavy bleeding on your period could be a sign of a number of different issues, and you should have it checked out by your OBGYN. If you have heavy bleeding that is causing you to change your pad or tampon in less than an hour and are filling either of these up, you should seek treatment right away. Read on for what severe bleeding can be caused by and what you may be able to do to help combat it.

Thyroid Concerns 

You may have a thyroid concern that needs to be addressed. If your thyroid is not performing properly, it could lead to heavy bleeding and other concerns as well. If you have noticed changes in your period, in addition to issues with mood swings, unexplained weight loss or gain, unexplained depression, or other concerns, it could be a thyroid problem that needs to be checked.


If you are anemic, it can lead to issues with your period being heavy. You may not clot as well as you once did because your blood has low iron in it. You should have your blood tested to see if you need iron treatments or other treatments to help with this issue. A simple blood test can rule this out or provide information on whether or not you are anemic.

Stress-Related Issues

If you have severe bleeding that just started, it may be because of stress. If you have a lot of stress in your life, it can cause issues with your period, including it being either heavy or light. If you have issues with stress, you need to find something that can help alleviate the stress you have. Try working out, going out with friends more, or taking time to yourself if this is what you prefer, take on less at work, or you can try reading or meditation to help with your stress levels. High levels of stress can cause a number of other issues for you, and your period can be one of those.

If you have severe bleeding that is leaving you to go through a number of pads or tampons daily, you should make an appointment with your OBGYN for a checkup and for treatment options. Bleeding heavily can lead to other issues if you allow it to continue. Seek treatment right away.

Consult an OBGYN to learn more.