Preventing Vaginal Odors And Infections: What You Should Know

Personal hygiene is very important, especially for a woman, as your vagina can be a breeding ground for bacteria and odors, and they could lead to infections. Sometimes personal hygiene just isn't enough to prevent these things, and you may need help in another way. There are things you can do to prevent odors and infections. Read on for some helpful information to help prevent these things from happening to you.

Wear Breathable Clothing

Wearing breathable underwear and clothing can help to prevent too much sweat in this area, which can lead to odors and also cause bacteria to grow and flourish. If you are someone that sweats often, you may want to consider changing your underwear throughout the day as well whenever possible. Cotton underwear is the best type to wear, as it is more breathable and allows for some airflow.

Stop Crossing Your Legs

Crossing your legs all day long is just another way to cause friction and sweat. It doesn't allow for air to get to this area of the body and can lead to odors and bacteria growth. When possible, just cross your ankles and not your legs.

Use Wipes When Necessary

To help keep you clean throughout the day when you don't feel your best, you can use wipes to clean your labia. You can find dedicated wipes at your local pharmacy or big box store that can help control bacteria and balance your pH as well. Look for these wipes in the feminine section.

Shower After Sex And Working Out

You should shower after having sex and you should shower after you work out, or any other time that you sweat a lot. Sexual intercourse can lead to bacterial infections if you don't clean yourself properly afterward. You should also be sure to urinate after having sex as well to prevent infections. If you aren't able to shower right away after you work out, you should at least change your clothing and your underwear until you can.

If you have vaginal odors, or you have had issues with infections, there are ways to prevent these from happening again. Be sure you get to your gynecologist for regular checkups and go to your gynecologist if you are having constant issues with these things. If you have a yeast infection, it should be treated by your gynecologist to prevent it from worsening and causing other issues for you.

Reach out to a gynecology services clinic near you for more information.