Preparing For A Mammography Procedure

Most women are a little hesitant when it comes to getting prepared for their mammography. Knowing the basics up front will help to quell the anxiety that goes along with it. A mammography is a procedure that allows for imaging of the breast to rule out cancer and/or other abnormalities. X-rays are done of the breasts with low doses of radiation. There may be some discomfort during the procedure, but this is minimal.

7 Lifestyle Changes To Combat Your Perimenopause Symptoms

Hormone levels are knocked out of balance during perimenopause, which contributes to the symptoms that you may be experiencing. While hormone replacement therapy is one potential treatment option, it is not without side effects. Many women can successfully restore hormonal balance by making a few key lifestyle changes. Before you turn to hormone replacement therapy, try these seven tips to help you alleviate your symptoms of perimenopause naturally. 1. Cut Back Caffeine

Do You Need A Doula As Well As A Midwife?

If you're planning the birth of your first child, you may already be dealing with an OB/GYN doctor and assorted nurses. Some of these nurses may be certified nurse-midwives, who can provide medical care and deliver your child if you prefer a vaginal birth (as opposed to a C-section) and if you prefer to avoid epidurals and other pain medication. But another person you can have with you is a doula, a type of birth assistant.

Understanding Pelvic Floor Prolapse: What You Should Know

When you decide to have children and go through the joys and the difficulties of carrying and birthing children, your body can go through a lot of changes and may not always recover after birth. Among some of the lingering effects of birth, there is a risk that you may develop a serious condition known as pelvic floor prolapse. Get to know more about pelvic floor prolapse so that you know what to do and expect if the situation happens to you.

4 Easy Ways To Help Prevent Yeast Infections

Vaginal yeast infections are one of the most common gynecological problems women face. Yeast infections occur when candida, a type of fungus that naturally inhabits the vagina, experiences an overgrowth. Typical signs of a yeast infection include a thick, white vaginal discharge, burning, and intense itching. While having a yeast infection can be very uncomfortable and annoying, they are usually easy to treat with over the counter medication. After experiencing a yeast infection, most women want to do whatever they can to prevent getting another one.